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Standard Lighting


This type of lighting is standard across the industry.  No matter how  many fixtures, all of these lights move to the music at the manufacturer  settings.

Intelligent Lighting


This type of lighting is essential for events that require a more  elegant touch.  These lights are controlled by a "light technician" to  more accurately match the mood of the night at any given time!

Up Lighting


This type of lighting is enhances the visual aspect for any venue.   Generally used up against walls, up lighting can be used to light up  trees, outdoor pillars, signs and so much more.




This is standard for most events.  A Heavy Fog fills the area with a  thick fog meant to create an atmosphere and highlight the lights.  Wind  affects this effect outside and indoor alarms/sprinklers can be set off  by this effect. An alternative to heavy fog, light haze is less dense, no odor, and less  likely to set off fire alarms indoors.  This effect is meant to  highlight the lights and create a misty effect.



These streams are meant to grab your attention!  Used for grand  entrances, music climaxes, and/or attention grabbing moments, these  streams look like a pyro show without the danger of actual fire!

Low Lying Fog


This effect is solely meant to create an atmosphere.  A low lying dense  fogs stays low to the ground and never rises higher than the waist.  A  great photo opportunity and visual to highlight an important part of any  event!



Bubble Aura's create a great atmosphere meant to enhance any intimate  event!  Thousand of bubbles are dispersed into the air and create an  amazing visual for all of your guests to "awe" in!  Plus, trying to pop  each bubble is so much fun!



Create snow for any event!  The generator creates the effect of falling  snow for any appropriately themed event.  The snow is not actual ice and  instead uses a foam substitute only to create the illusion.



Celebrate any occasion with this amazing addition.  Everyone loves being  in the middle of this effect and is sure to make a memorable impact for  any event.


Ceremony System


High Quality Audio provided without the 4 hour minimum.  Wireless Microphone provided for the officiant and sound engineer to regulate audio and feedback to make the ceremony a perfect event!



Sing to your favorite tunes with lyrics displayed on a monitor!  Have a  blast imitating your favorite artist or signing like your original  self!  Karaoke is sure to make any event memorable!

Photo Booth


Walk down the red carpet and pose for the camera, or find some privacy  inside of an enclosed booth!  No matter the preference, we have the  right Photo Booth for any event!

Photo Booth Website



Highlight the cake to make it stand out more.  Highlight centerpieces to  make a more dramatic effect on any decor.  These fixtures fade to the  background and only highlight what they are pointing at.

Event Trussing


Stray away from the standard!  Event Trussing adds more visual appeal  for your event and creates an effect not easily matched by other  effects.  Glowing trussing with your chosen lighting mounted can take  any shape and is sure to be the talk of the party.

Party Favors


Bring more to the party with great take-aways for your guests!  We offer  three packages of party favors to make your event even more interactive  for your guests to remember!

Elegant Additions

MC Services


Have your event coordinated by one of our great Master of Ceremonies!  Your guests will never get confused about what is happening next with our great MCs!



Put your name up in lights in the most elegant way!  It is the best way to add touches of elegance to any event.  A keepsake is yours at the end!



Have guests that don't dance?  Want everyone to mimic the dance moves on a particular music video?  Add videos to your event and make it happen!

Commercial Production



Many staging options are available.  Risers, stairs, rails, platforms, etc.  Please call for pricing and availability.



Various configurations can be created for any event.  Box trusses, I  Truss, Triangle Trusses, Goal Posts, etc.  Please call for pricing and  availability.

Lighting Director


Our huge lighting inventory allows us to light an event and our  expertise can guarantee a great direction for your show at any level.

Sound Reinforcement


Concert quality sound and direction is available for events.  Please call for pricing and availability.