We have many packages that can best fit your event and venue!  Take a  look at some of the most popular set ups our clients have created.   Custom packages are always encouraged and our team is ready to help you  complete that vision you desire for your event!


Event Audio

No Frill here.  Just your basic run of the mill audio coverage for a  very simple event accompanied with your entertainment service choice.   Great choice for events taking place during the day with plenty of  daylight or for events that have lighting provided by a third party  vendor.


Standard Lighting and Audio

Your entertainment service choice is accompanied by audio clear enough  for almost any occasion!  To add a more celebratory touch, 4 color wash  fixtures are mounted atop a T-Stand that chase through different colors  directed onto the dance floor.


Intelligent Lighting and Audio

This event is a true celebration.  Top of the line programming will be  presented audibly and visually.  A 10ft. span of lighting fixtures are  "intelligently" controlled by a LT.  The lighting will better match the  mood of the entertainment service adding atmosphere throughout the  night.

High End

High Quality Aesthetics, Sound, Light

Improved aesthetics coupled with top of the line programming make this  package deal most impressive.  A 10ft. span of lighting fixtures are  "intelligently" controlled by a LT.  The lighting will match the mood of  the night.  A perfect show with great rounded sound through out.

Signature packages

Your Custom Vision Acheived

We have a lot to offer for a more demanding touch of flair for any given  event.  We encourage you to set up a meeting with one of our  professionals to help bring your ideas and visions to life!  Our options  are vast and the signature packages we can create and/or combine for  you will make your event different from all the rest!